Sochi Summer 2019

Welcome to our annual summer camp in Sochi Olympic Park!

The camp will be held on July, 27 – August, 17 in Sochi Olympic sport center by Finist Figure Skating Club (Moscow). Practice sessions will include 2 on-ice and 2 off-ice (general and special figure skating conditioning, stretching, ballet class). Individual extra hours can be scheduled in advance, as well as sessions for setting programs, working on choreography and technical components.

Groups will be formed according to the participants skating level with the upper limit of 10 skaters per group.

Groups lineup:

  • Beginner group 1 – 1,5- 2 years of skating
  • Beginner group 2 – 2-3 years of skating
  • Junior group – 3-5 years of skating
  • Senior group – more than 5 years of skating
  • Adult group 1 (equal or less than 1-2 yrs of skating)
  • Adult group 2 (equal to silver/gold levels for adult competitions)
  • “Learn to skate 100” group – for the very beginners (45-60 min sessions: one on-and one off-ice daily)

There will be one day off per week for all groups. On the first and on the last day of the Camp there’ll be one on-ice session and one off-ice session, one hour each.


  • Evgenia Bagina
  • Anastasia Belova
  • Anastasia Ratkovskaya
  • Alexandr Mineev
  • Ilya Isaev

Please, send your application forms to the event organizers by email, specifying the full name of the athlete and his/her attendants, skating level/category (if possible, attach a video of the athlete’s skating), and a contact number.

Participants are entered into the list of the Camp upon a 50% prepayment of the Camp training program (without the accommodation costs).


Please feel free to contact representatives of the Finist Club for any questions:
+7 (916) 6867616 (Whatsapp, Viber) Eugenia