Off-Ice Camp 2016

Off-Ice Camp for figure skaters in Kislovodsk!

From the 21 of June to the 1st of July there will be sports and fitness summer camp in Kislovodsk arranged by Finist Club.

Yug-sport base in Kislovodsk is the only athletic-training center in Russia,  located in the middle altitudes (1242) in the recreational area of the Kislovodsk resort.

The combination of the modern sports equipment with the unique natural conditions provides effective training and complete recovery after the intensive physical exercise.

The camp participants can considerably improve their physical form during these 10 days, and also combine that with the healing procedures in the modern medical center which belongs to the Yug-sport base.

The Kislovodsk training camp is open for children not less than three years of age (2008 year of birth), going in for figure skating. The athletes born in 2008 and later may join the camp without accompanying persons. The training groups will be formed depending on the camp participants’ age and training level.

The camp training programme is focused on improving athletes’ physical form, figure skaters’ general and particular physical skills, and includes no less than 4 hours of choreography and body conditioning a day.

The participants of the Kislovodsk body conditioning summer camp can go on with their preparation for the following sport season on the traditional Finist Club ice camp (the 1st shift, from the 3rd to the 17th of July).

“Yug” Sport Center

The training, residing and medical services are going to be located on the closed Yug-sport base situated near the Maloye Sedlo mountain peak, height 1242 m. above the sea level, total area 13,2 hectares.

You can get to the Upper Complex resort area by funicular which connects Maloye Sedlo and the Air Temple, total distance makes 1730 m.

Within the Upper Complex area there are following facilities:

  1. Stadium with football field and running tracks
  2. Open playgrounds
  3. Hotel complex (building № 1, building № 2)
  4. Rehabilitation and recovery center
  5. Multifunctional training complex
  6. Cross-country  running tracks with wood-and-gravel cover, total distance ranges from 900 to 1200 m.

Contact us:

For more information please contact Finist Club representatives:
+7 (916) 6867616 Eugeniya