Peresvet June 2018

Summer starts in Peresvet!

From June 4 to June 12, 2018, the first of the summer training camps scheduled by the Finist Figure Skating Club will be held in Peresvet.

The program is focused on mastering and improving the technique of double and triple jumps, honing the spin technique and skating skills. The practice sessions are provided by the coaches of Finist Club, with special participation of Alexander Smirnov, the two time Europeans champion, two-time Worlds bronze medalist (in pairs, with Yuko Kavaguchi), an honored master of sports of Russia.

The schedule includes two on-ice practices, 60 min each, per day; at least 2 hours of off-ice practices (general physical training and special conditioning for figure skaters, ballet class) per day; and  theory workshops. It will also be possible to have additional sessions, both on- and off-ice, and, in particular, to choreograph and work on programs and show them to representatives of the judging panel.

Groups are formed according to the skating level, based on the test results (initial level – 2+ years of figure skating). Each group consists of up to 10 participants.

Please, send your application forms to the event organizers by email, specifying the full name of the athlete and his/her attendants, skating level/category (if possible, attach a video of the athlete’s skating), and a contact number.

Applicants shall be entered into the list of Camp participants upon a 50% prepayment of the training program.


Please feel free to contact representatives of the Finist Club for any questions:
+7 (916) 6867616 (Whatsapp, Viber) Eugenia