Peresvet June Camp 2017

Start the summer in Peresvet!

Finist club (Moscow) and the Sochicamp project are glad to invite you to take part in our Summer Camp in Peresvet. The Camp will be held from June 5 to June 17. You’re very welcome to take part in  our event and spend a wonderful time in an excellent and scenic area 70 km away from Moscow.

Apart from adult amateur skaters, we’re also inviting young professionals to take part in our June Peresvent Camp ’17. We are going to form groups depending on skating levels, from beginners (third year of skating and on) to juniors; as regards adult skaters, they will be assigned to groups in different flows. All the groups will have at least 2 hours of ice practice per day and 1.5 to 2 hrs of off-the-ice practice (general/special practice and choreography).

Coaching staff:

  • Mrs. Eugenya Bagina
  • Mrs. Anastassya Belova
  • Mr. Alexey Gubanov
  • Mr. Andrey Suhhomlinov

Anastassya Belova
World-class athlete in Ice Dancing!

Anastassya Belova
World-class athlete in Ice Dancing!

You’ll be free to use all sports facilities of the hotel (skating rink, gyms, exercise rooms, swimming pool). In addition to the regular program we will offer most interesting master classes. The hotel is located in a forest area, not far from Sergiev Posad, a historical Russian town, one of the Golden Ring, so you can get to see a bit of Russia the way it really is.

Come to our camp and bring your family!

If your children aren’t the only ones who skate in the family: parents are welcome to join a specially organized amateur adult skating group to train at the same time as their children. In this case, a special family price is offered, with a discount.

Contact us:

For more information please contact Finist Club representatives:
+7 (916) 6867616 Eugeniya
+372 55985689 Oleg