Sochi Summer 2018

Invitation to the annual summer camp in the Olympic park in Sochi!

From August 4 to August 25, 2018, the third of the summer training camps for children and for adult skaters arranged by the Finist Club (Moscow) will take place here.

The schedule includes two on-ice practices, 60 min each, per day; at least 2 hours of off-ice practices (general physical training and special conditioning for figure skaters, ballet class) per day. All classes are provided under two main groups: children groups (beginners and athletes), and adult skaters. It will be also possible to have additional sessions, both on- and off-ice, and, in particular, to choreograph and work on programs and show them to representatives of the judging panel.

The groups will be formed according to the skating level, up to 10 participants per one group.

Groups lineup:

  • Beginner group 1 – young figure skaters (1,5- 2 years of training)
  • Beginner group 2 – young figure skaters (2-3 years of training)
  • Junior group – (3-5 years of training)
  • Senior group – athletic titles
  • Adult group 1 (not less than 1 year of regular training)
  • Adult group 2 (several years of skating)

For the kids who are just beginning it is possible to attend the “First steps” group:

  • 45-60 minute ice practice per day and a 45-60 off-ice practice.

There will be one day off per week for all groups. On the first and on the last day of the Camp there’ll be one on-ice session and one off-ice session, one hour each.


  • Evgenia Bagina
  • Valeria Loseva
  • Anastasia Ratkovskaya
  • Ilya Isaev
  • Alexey Motorin
  • Alexander Smirnov


Please, send your application forms to the event organizers by email, specifying the full name of the athlete and his/her attendants, skating level/category (if possible, attach a video of the athlete’s skating), and a contact number.

Participants are entered into the list of the Camp upon a 50% prepayment of the Camp training program (without the accommodation costs).


Please feel free to contact representatives of the Finist Club for any questions:
+7 (916) 6867616 (Whatsapp, Viber) Eugenia