SOCHI Summer 2017

Finist Club invites you to the annual Summer Camp in SOCHI!

From the 5th to the 20st of August in Volosozhar-Trankov Sport Centre is going to be a junior and adult summer camp arranged by Finist Club (Moscow).

The training is carried out in two flows: junior beginner groups and junior athlete groups, as well as adult amateur skaters.

There are two types of training programs for the beginners:

  • Twice-a-day practice:
    • Ice practice – 2 hours or more
    • Off ice practice (dry land) – 2 hours
  • Once-a-day practice (possible to choose a morning session or an evening session):
    • Ice practice – 1 hour
    • Off ice practice (dry land) – 2 hours

Depending on skating level we will form groups from the beginners (from 2nd year of skating) to juniors. All groups have the ice practice not less than 2 hours a day and the off-ice practice 1,5 or 2 hours (general/special practice and choreography).

Athlete groups are supposed to train twice a day.

If your children aren’t the only figure skaters in your family, the parents are welcome to join a specially organized amateur adult skating group to train simultaneously with the children. In this case, the camp cost calculation is based on the family price, with a discount.

On the 5th of August and on the final camp day (the 20th of August) there will be one ice practice for each flow.

Groups lineup:

  • Beginner group 1 – young figure skaters (1,5- 2 years of training);
  • Beginner group 2 – young figure skaters (2-3 years of training);
  • Junior group – (3-5 years of training);
  • Senior group – athletic titles;
  • Amateur adult group (not less than 1 year of regular training);
  • Amateur adult senior group.

Coaching staff:

  • Mrs. Eugenia Bagina
  • Mrs. Anastassya Belova
  • Ms. Anastassya Ratkovskaya
  • Mr. Alexey Motorin
  • Mr. Alexey Gubanov
  • Mr. Alexey Zaharchenko (choreography)
  • Ms. Yana Khokhlova

Skating Skills classes – Ms. Yana Khokhlova

The one of the most prominent coach Yana Khokhlova, Ice dancer, World Bronze Medalist 2008, European Champion 2009, and a two-time Champion of Russian National Championship 2008–2009 (in partnership with Sergey Novitski) supports us in our regularly Camps in Sochi.


Contact Us:

For more information please contact Finist Club representatives:
+7 (916) 6867616 Eugeniya
+372 55985689 Oleg