Winter Camp 2015

In January 2015 we celebrated our 5th anniversary!


The club’s anniversary year has started with the winter training camp on the Olympic Ice in Sochi. Despite the large experience in organizing summer training camps both for adults and children, it was our first time in winter. And now we can say for sure – this event is going to become a tradition!

Children born in 2002-2009  from Moscow, Ryazan, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kaluga and other cities took part in winter training camp. The children sport groups were organized in accordance with the athletes’ age and skill level under the direction of E.V. Konyukhova and A.M. Gubanov.

The youngest camp participants practiced with the same intensity in the sport-and-recreational group. As for the parents, there was also a possibility to join the adult amateur groups on ice and in body conditioning practice.

The practicing process was divided into two parts – the children from the sport groups practiced apart from the adult amateurs and the sport-and-recreational group. Each group had two and a half hours of ice practice a day and about an hour and a half of body-conditioning and choreography practices.

All in all the number of Sochi winter camp participants was more than one hundred, sixty of them including adults were professional athletes. You can follow the way it was in the Photo Gallery.

The picturesque view of the Olympic park, palm-trees and cypresses cover in snow – those vivid impressions are not the only ones that will keep the memories of those days of January. And surely a great number of camp participants will remember a special atmosphere of the Iceberg arena wishing to come back there again.

 That is why we’re not saying good-bye to Sochi, but promise to meet here again!

And this meeting is going to happen quite soon; in March 2015 during the school vacations there going to be Finist Club Spring Camp for junior athletes.