Winter Camp 2017

Spend your first days of the new year on the Olympic ice!

We invite you the Sochi Winter Camp!

Finist club traditional Winter Camp will take place from the 3rd to the 12th of January  2017 on the training ice rink of Iceberg Palace in the Olympic Park.

The camp is organized both for young athletes and adult amateur skaters. All the groups are supposed to have ice practice not less than 2 hours a day and off-ice practice 1,5 or 2 hours (general/special training and choreography).

Winter camp in Sochi is a wonderful opportunity to combine the new year holiday with the sports practice!

Groups lineup:

  • Beginner group 1 – young figure skaters (1,5- 2 years of training);
  • Beginner group 2 – young figure skaters (Young Skater – 3rd junior rank);
  • Junior group – (1st – 2nd  junior rank);
  • Senior group – athletic titles;
  • Amateur adults 1 (Junior group);
  • Amateur adults 2 (Senior group).

During the exhibition gala on January, 7 the camp participants will be offered an opportunity of skating a program which will be qualified by the judges authorized by Russia Figure Skating Federation.

Coaching staff:

  • Mrs. Eugenya Bagina
  • Mr. Alexey Gubanov
  • Ms. Anastassya Ratkovskaya
  • Mrs. Anastassya Timofeeva
  • Mr. Alexey Zakharchenko (modern choreography)
  • Ms. Yana Khokhlova

Yana Khokhlova is best known for her partnership with Sergei Novitski, with whom she is the 2008 World bronze medalist, 2009 European champion, and a two-time (2008–2009) Russian national champion

To the camp together with the whole family!

If your children aren’t the only figure skaters in your family, the parents are welcome to join a specially organized amateur adult skating group to train simultaneously with the children. In this case, the camp cost calculation is based on the family price, with a discount.

Contact us:

For more information please contact Finist Club representatives:
+7 (916) 6867616 Eugeniya
+372 55985689 Oleg